Blood Group O Positive (O +ve):

O+ is the most common blood type and that is what makes it so powerful. 37% of the

population has O+ blood. Since more people have O+ blood than any other blood type, it is

transfused more often. The need is so constant that donated blood is often transfused within

three days of your donation.

The most powerful part of O+ blood can be found in the red cells. To maximize your true

lifesaving power, O+ donors are strongly encouraged to either donate double red blood cells or

whole blood. By donating double red cells, you can double the power of your donation. As an

O+ donor, your red blood cells hold the most power. You should consider giving an automated

double red blood cell donation to maximize your gift. Double red blood cell donation is done

through a process called automation and allows us to collect only your red blood cells and not

your platelets or plasma like we would for a whole blood donation. Men must weigh 130

pounds and be 5’1” or taller and women must weigh at least 150 pounds and be 5’5” or taller

to donate double red blood cells.